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Learning Guide


How To Become A Software Engineer

Computers are all around us from ATM machines to airplane systems, Facebook or video games. We are surrounded by computers. Have you ever wondered how all this works so smoothly? How we just enter the information online and in seconds our message is transferred to any where across the globe.

Well, it is done using software applications and the person who is responsible for the designing, development and maintenance of the software is known as software engineer. Programming is the heart of software engineering and if you have to program, you have to learn how to code for it.

Your day-to-day tasks will include:
    * Design software
    * Develop software
    * Implement software
    * Test software
    * Learn new technologies
    * Code, code, code…..

Where should I start?m
You can start at your secondary school level. Pick computer-related subjects offered in your school and learn it as a top priority, because your career will rely on it. Learn as much math as you can in high school. Software engineering requires creative thinking and quick decision making. You will need your Grade 12 and some schools might require a language proficiency test as well.

What Will I Study?
Find a software engineering program. There are diplomas and certifications from certified colleges, and some can be done online. Most of the courses are computer related courses i.e. Programming fundamentals, Data Structures. It is such a vast field that once you enter it, there are unlimited options for you.

You can study at schools like:
    * McGill University
    * Lakehead University

What Else Do I Need?
Learn as much programming as you can on campus and off campus. Take projects online while studying to help you gain experience. Internship would be another good option, but it is not always easy to land an internship at a good organization.

Where The Jobs Are?
Times Magazine recently ranked software engineering as the #1 career, in terms of the amount of salary and stress. The biggest advantage of software engineering is that you can work for companies as big as IBM, Microsoft, Apple or you can simply sit on your laptop, register yourself and develop projects online. The demand for software engineers is increasing by every passing day, so there are countless jobs in everything from a small shop to a multinational company. It all depends upon how you learn and hard you’re willing to work.

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