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Learning Guide


How To Become A Teacher Aide/Assistant

Classrooms are no longer the exclusive responsibilities of teachers. Teacher Assistant and aides help teachers deliver the lectures and evaluate the student’s advancement. Being a teacher assistant or aide is a rewarding, yet challenging, career in education.

It is a profession for those who enjoy working with students and have the essential enthusiasm to work in the education sector. Individuals who are patient and want to contribute to making people’s lives better can find the highest hourly average wages in Toronto, Ontario at $22.60 per hour, and the lowest average wages in Edmonton, Alberta at $14.01 per hour.

Your Day-to-Day Tasks Will Include:
    * Confer the assigned duties with classroom teachers in order to synchronize instructional efforts.
    * Set up syllabus, notice board displays, scientific and other art exhibits such as show and tell models, apparatus and other    educational paraphernalia.
    * Distribute the subject notes and helping material to the pupils, under the guidance and direction of teachers, with the help of    presentations, discussion and other methods such as role playing and helping children in their show and tell activity.
    * Tutor and facilitate children separately or in small groups, in order to assist them in understanding assignments and to    strengthen learning concepts presented by teachers.
    * Hand out learning materials, such as textbooks, workbooks, papers and pencils to pupils.
    * Dispense assessments and homework assignments and gather them when they are finished.
    * Calculate and record results using answer sheets and electronic rating devices after evaluating and scoring the home    assignments and tests.
    * Train and guide pupils about the usage and handling of various equipment and materials, in order to avoid injuries and    damage.
    * Set up, plan and organize different teaching aids such as educational charts, graphs and models.

Where Should I Start?
If you are weighing your options about becoming a teacher aide or educational assistant in Canada, you need to at least graduate high school. To enter a certified program, you may also need a criminal record check.

What will I study?
Teacher assistants and aides are needed right across Canada, so you can study to get trained at any number of schools– sometimes in as little as a year.

You can study teacher aid or assistant programs at schools like:

    * Stratford Career Institute
    * KLC College of Healthcare, Business, Education

What Do You Need?
Although on-the-job training is usually provided, previous experience in working with children could be a plus point. Computer literacy skills could boost your chances of getting the job, because it helps in completion of day to day duties.

Where The Jobs Are
Many learning environments such as primary and secondary private and public schools and day care centers are hiring them to further aid the process of learning for the students. Teacher assistants are in high demand in colleges and universities as well.

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Briercrest College and Seminary, CDI College, Centre for Arts and Technology, The King's University College