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Academy of Learning Career College - Toronto - Pape

702 Pape Ave, Toronto, M4K 3S7

About Academy of Learning Career College - Toronto - Pape

Academy of Learning is Canada’s largest network of career colleges with nearly 90 locations in 8 provinces. Since the first college opened in 1987, over one million training courses have been taught to individuals interested in developing their professional skills while preparing them to meet the growing demands of the workforce.

Academy of Learning's unique Integrated Learning™ System offers an approach to learning that shifts away from teaching in the traditional lecture format to an on-site, facilitated, learning-by-doing method. Students learn in a hands-on environment, allowing them to be fully trained and understand the skills needed to enter the workforce. Academy of Learning’s self-paced learning, flexible scheduling, and specialized programs give students the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Academy of Learning has over 500,000 graduates working in their chosen careers.

* Please note, there are no Academy of Learning Colleges in Quebec. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Academy of Learning Career College - Toronto - Pape:
702 Pape Ave, Toronto, M4K 3S7

Programs Offered at Academy of Learning Career College - Toronto - Pape:

Arts - Design / Animation

Business / Management / Office Services

Business / Marketing / Admin.

Design / Animation / Interactive


Health Care / Nursing / Dental


Marketing and Sales

Skilled Trades


Academy of Learning Career College - Toronto - Pape Advantages:

Our campuses provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace. The features of our Integrated Learning System™ allow for flexibility in your daily schedule. You can finish your program quickly to get into the job market faster.
Diploma programs feature real-world job placement so you're job-ready at graduation. A number of our adult learners are hired by their placement sites.
Many of our programs feature a practical component in which learners gain valuable experience with actual clients.
We offer short programs, so you can earn your Diploma or Certificate in just 4-12 months instead of the conventional 2-4 years at a Community College or University. This gives you the financial flexibility to get into the workforce sooner, instead of being tied to a Community College or University for several years.
Work / Life balance is important. Don’t give up on your dream of a better career to help you and your family. Our flexible hours and online learning allow you to earn a Diploma or Certificate with minimal disruption to your daily schedule. You’ll be able to balance your education with your employment and your family. With our continuous enrolment, it is never too late for you to start.
We offer over 30 Diploma and Certificate programs for you to choose from. For one-on-one support, Learning Coaches are available at all times to provide personalized guidance and assistance to help you succeed!
Audio, visual, online and rich media instructions are used to explain concepts and guide learners through initial skill-based applications. Hands-on tasks give students an opportunity to apply skills to “real life” situations. We help you master the subject matter before moving onto the next lesson.
There's no intimidating classroom atmosphere or competition! We ensure a comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment for all adult learners. If you need to miss a lesson, you can take the same lesson at another time. With ILS and online learning you'll never miss an assignment or lesson.
Course materials and instructions provide an all-encompassing learning experience using multi-sensory learning styles and preferences through student workbooks, media presentations, and hands-on activities.