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Bethany College - Hepburn

Box 160, Hepburn, S0K 1Z0

About Bethany College - Hepburn

“Nurturing Disciples and Training Leaders to Serve” is the mission of Bethany College. The disciples of Jesus were lifelong students; we desire that our community continue in this transformation. There is a depth and breadth to student life at Bethany—living among friends, studying the Bible, service learning experiences and ministry opportunities. God transforms people at Bethany! He changes students’ perspectives, sharpens their thinking, shapes hearts into his image, awakens an awareness of gifts, opens their eyes to the needs of the world around them, and inspires them to get involved in sharing Christ’s love. Visit www.bethany.sk.ca to find out more about our diploma and degree programs.

Bethany College - Hepburn:
Box 160, Hepburn, S0K 1Z0

Programs Offered at Bethany College - Hepburn:

Religious Studies

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